Release Schedule

Here at Tu Amour Jewellers, we take great pride in incorporating the ethos of Quality over quantity. It is this that drove us to use our 18 years of experience in jewellery trading to compile these small yet incredibly detailed collections by hand. Please see below for  the dates of some of the upcoming collections we have set to be released this year.

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March 5thCelestial: with the incorporation of some of the most vibrant coloured stones, this collection mirrors all the cosmos has to offer.

May 7th    -  Ophiuchus:  Egyptian and Babylonian -esque pieces that draw inspiration from the much less known 13th zodiac star sign.

July 2nd    - Aurora: A collection of minimal pieces designed as a mount to display larger stones, metals and resins, all encompassing the purity and beauty of the northern lights.

Sept 3rd    - Knighthood: Robust, regal and illustrious. Our knighthood series sees us apply our modern take on classic and traditional medieval pieces

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