The Helios Necklace
The Helios Necklace
The Helios Necklace
The Helios Necklace

The Helios Necklace

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Crafted to turn heads like the sun does to the sunflower, Our stunning new Helios necklace combines beauty with a unique functionality. The petals of our sunflower design spins effortlessly with the simple flick of a finger. Elegant, unique and as dazzling as the sunflower itself,  become The centre of attention with the fashion accessory of 2022.  

Specifications that perfect your look

-18" Chain with 2 additional adjustment loops designed to fit any size

- Unique spinning feature

- Completely water resistant 

- Colour resistant 

- 7 Diamond cut and 14 petal-cut Scintillating Crystals  

Try the Helios risk-free for 30 days and see why it makes the ultimate fashion accessory. 

A true work of art. Available at 50% off during our Mothers Day sale, only while stocks last